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World Irish Dancing Championships come to Boston


Boston’s long, storied connection to the Emerald Isle is about to get even stronger when the World Irish Dancing Championships come to the city for eight days, March 24-31. It.. read more

Coach Knight: Seven Ways Negativity Can Make You a Winner


I’ve had players I’ve told over and over and over again: No, that is not what we want. The words “no”and “don’t” are important parts of the power of negative thinking. I couldn’t begin.. read more

Mental Toughness Article


The importance of mental toughness in elite performance, not just in tennis, but all sport and in life is increasingly recognised. But what exactly is ‘mental toughness’ and how do.. read more

Prepare (verb): to put in proper condition or readinessTo "2" (prep): used for expressing motionPerform (verb): to carry out; execute; do