What is mental skills training?

Through proper strength and conditioning techniques, the body has shown the ability to improve muscular strength. Similarly, mental skills training / conditioning has shown benefit in building mental toughness. Mental skills training focuses on building cognitive and physical skills in an effort to increase awareness of the mental and physical states that allow individuals to perform at their best. Through proper training these skills can help an athlete, team, or leader effectively prepare and perform at their highest level on a consistent basis, on and off the playing field. Learning how and when to use these skills allows for a mental edge.

Such Skills include:

  • Goal Setting
  • Leadership & Communication Skills
  • Energy Management
  • Concentration & Focus
Is mental skills training for me?

Mental conditioning, much like physical conditioning, is a process that can be increased through education and training with a mental conditioning coach. Mental training can be a very rewarding and highly effective option if you are looking to take steps toward performance enhancement in a specific aspect of your life. Mental skills coaches keep clients focused and accountable as well as listen objectively. People that work with a coach often find that they gain a new sense of clarity, motivation, and independence. It should be noted that building mental skills much like physical skills requires motivation and personal practice to work most effectively.

Mental conditioning…what will it do for me?

Mental skill training may help athletes and executives in building confidence, creating consistency, maintaining concentration, controlling emotions, or re-directing energy from anxious or negative thinking. Optimizing performance and gaining happiness and fulfillment through daily living are some of the possible benefits.

Who uses mental skills training?

Anyone. The skills of mental training can be used in any sport, business, or educational setting by anyone at any skill level. All sectors of life demand the use of mental strength to perform at a high level. In addition to business, sport, and education, mental skill training has been successfully applied to a number of different fields, including the military, personal/life coaching, and medicine. These concepts have shown benefit in developing such useful skills as leadership, communication, teamwork, and energy management. Mental training enhances performance of athletes, coaches, teams, and executives through proper preparation.

Prepare (verb): to put in proper condition or readinessTo "2" (prep): used for expressing motionPerform (verb): to carry out; execute; do